The New Mojos are a quality six piece band with Female Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Sax & Keyboards performing Funk, Soul and R&B covers spanning the decades, from classic dance anthems to current chart successes and this is their incredible story.

In the Spring of 2000 Quincy Jones decided to form a ‘Super-Group’ and the birth of the conception of the creation of The New Mojos had begun!

Firstly he wanted to recruit Whitney Houston as vocalist. When he rang, Whitney’s Mum informed Quince of her unfortunate inability to accept the invitation, “Have you tried Jo ?” she inquired. Within minutes Quin had his first firm member in his group! 

Next up was guitarist Steve Lukather (ToTo). When Steve’s manager heard it was Q Jones on the line he shouted, “The Famed Producer?” This was prophetic; QJ quickly hung up the phone, “James! Of course, a versatile guitarist, vocalist playing delicious funky rhythms and wonderful solos, what was I thinking!”.

Soon Q had two members in his box, this was exciting!

George Duke couldn't come to the phone when he called, but Snow Patrol’s Tom Simpson, who was round doing some hoovering, suggested new-boy-on-the-block, Reuben!

Quincy had half a band in the hole, he was racing! 

The rhythm section had to be Funk Brother, Uriel Jones on drums and Bernard Edwards on Bass. It transpired that they both had prior commitments that no-one alive could change. Happily Nile Rogers was able to recommend two Pauls to provide the solid grooves to get the people dancing. Quincy Jones was nearly satisfied.

He just needed the horn! The thought of Grover Washington Junior blowing his, had Quincy nearly foaming at the mouth. However, when he rang, Grover Washington Senior informed him that Junior was not in a position to blow his horn. Have you tried Andy? 

Quincy had his band! 
Having given birth to the wonder that is The New Mojos, Quincy quietly walked away, fulfilled...’